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Lori McBride

Goshen NY United States

    Statement of Work

    I began working on "Angel Azrael" soon after the events of 9/11 and as I expanded, so did the vision and the message in this painting. I completed her over the course of 12 years. The foreground of this work is colored pencil on vellum. The top layer floats over a background of rose petals that are watercolor and colored pencil on watercolor paper. This gives the painting a multidimensional effect and reflects my personal belief that we are multidimensional souls having a physical experience.

    The painting depicts Azrael releasing petals from a bouquet of multicolored roses into ethereal spirals of smoke. Each individual petal represents a loss of life on that fateful day while the petal color indicates that individuals affiliation. There are 343 red petals representing the FDNY, 60 peach petals representing NYPD & Port Authority Police officers, 1,959 pink petals representing civilians at the WTC, 246 yellow petals representing passengers of Flights #11, #175, #93, & #77, 125 violet petals representing those that lost their lives at the Pentagon, and 19 black petals representing the hijackers. I included the black petals to show how the absence of light impacted so many innocent souls. While Azrael is recognized in most major religions, in this piece I drew from the Hebrew mysticism which details the Angel lovingly shepherding souls to Heaven and consoling survivors of tragic events.

    This painting is a testament to the reality of infinite Love, the hope of eternal Life and an awareness of the Light within each of us.


    Lori McBride was born, raised and currently resides in Goshen, NY.

    She holds a certificate in Botanical Illustration from The New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY. Upon completion of the certification program, she worked as an instructor at NYBG, teaching watercolor, drawing, colored pencil and pen & ink. She is a contributing illustrator to "The Book of Trees", written by Jeff Meyer.

    She is the author/Illustrator of the meditation program Melieve (Amazon). She finds inspiration in her love of nature as well as within her personal spiritual practice. Her art reflects her deep connection to Love and holds the intention of bringing more Light in to the world.