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John Preble

Ponte Vedra Beach FL United States

Statement of Work

1:300 scale wooden replica of WTC towers 1&2.  Model measurement are 8.125 x 8.125 width by 53.35" high with 3.09 x 5.43" core.  6 floor levels below main lobby are also included.


Planning and model startup back to 2001 but curtained my efforts as buildings took shape and worried that our four cats would create much damage and destroy model.  Last year I dusted off my platform and restarted my model and presently am working side four to floor number 48.  Slow process at this juncture as I am using mechanical floors 42/43 for reinforcement areas whereas I am directing 20% of outer walls towards center core in order to maintain a 60/40 weight distribution as per original structures.