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Arthur Benjamins

Peoria AZ United States

Statement of Work

I hope viewers regard my work as a message, comment or statement which changes and betters the world in the only way artists know.

Art is self-expression, it should be part of a journey and be gratifying - despite what others may claim.

To be a creative success, you need to be possessed. Not by the devil, but by what Leonardo da Vinci called, 'curiosita', which means an insatiable curiosity about life and a passion for continuous learning.



Born in Holland, I lived in the UK for 40 years where I made a name for myself as one of Britain's leading automotive artists. My work has been featured in countless newspapers and magazine articles, have been featured on book front covers, and been on national television, including 'Top Gear'.

I have exhibited in Holland, France, Malta, Italy, Jersey channel island and many shows in the UK.

I live in Peoria, Arizona and have exhibited many times there, including California, Nevada and Colorado.

Apart from my automotive work, I revisited and revived "Neoplasticism", which had been dormant since 1944. My own movement is called "Abstract Iconography", which reduces known and unknown iconic images to a hair's breadth from pure abstraction.