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J Thomas Brown

Henrico VA United States

    Statement of Work

    Like in New York, it was a perfect fall day in Richmond, Virginia, where I was working on September 11th. A coworker said, “Hey, come look at this,” and I joined him across the room to watch a TV newscast of the North Tower burning. I couldn’t get through on the phone to my daughter who was attending the nearby School of Visual Arts. Then the second jet hit. Then the people began jumping before the collapsing. On clear fall days I still see them jumping. I wrote “The Memory Pool” not to wash away the memory, but hopefully to heal myself and others.


    J. Thomas Brown's short stories and poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He is the author of Mooncalf, a collection of his poems, and contributed to Lingering in the Margins: A River City Poets Anthology, Streetlight Magazine and Anthology, North of Oxford, and Rising Voices: Poems Towards a Social Justice Revolution. His poetry and hybrid work have appeared in several Moonstone Arts Center 2023 anthologies, Virginia Writers Project Spring 2023, New Verse News, Rattlecast, Copperfield Review Quarterly, Wild Roof Journal, and other publications.