Membership FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the 9/11 Memorial & Museum’s membership program.

FAQ List

How long will it take to receive my membership card?

You will receive your membership card(s) within 14 business days of a membership purchase.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes. You can upgrade your membership at any time throughout the year. Simply call the Membership Department at (212) 857-0154. If you are renewing your membership and would like to upgrade your membership level, you can do so online, by phone, or by submitting a renewal slip in the mail.

How do I purchase a membership?

Memberships may be purchased online or on-site at the member ticket window, at the Membership Desk or Museum Store inside the Museum, by mail, or by calling (212) 857-0154.

How long does membership run for and it is transferable?

Membership is valid for one year from the date it is purchased, and it is not transferable. Secondary cardholder names can be changed only when a membership is renewed.

Do members receive complimentary tickets to the 9/11 Memorial Museum?

Yes. Each member will receive several complimentary one-time guest pass vouchers, depending on the level of membership. These passes will be included in the member package along with the permanent membership card. Please allow 14 business days for passes to arrive. Passes must be in-hand for use at the ticket windows. Members at the "Benefactor" level will also receive several complimentary anytime tickets, which can be used by friends and family without the member being present.

How many membership cards will I receive?

Members at the "Member" level will receive one (1) personalized membership card. Members at all other tiers will receive up to two personalized membership cards if a second name is provided upon purchase. If purchasing at the “Member Premium” level or higher, each cardholder can bring one guest for free every visit without needing to provide a guest-pass voucher. 

I joined at the “Member Plus” level and did not provide a second name for a second card. Does that mean I get any one complimentary companion, or “plus one,” every visit without needing to provide a guest pass voucher?

No. Members at the “Member” and “Member Plus” levels receive only one admission ticket per cardholder. These cards are nontransferable. Membership cards cannot list “Guest of [Member]” or such.

How do I reserve Museum tickets?

Reserve your free admission and/or complimentary guest passes to visit the Museum online. Select your membership category and enter your Patron ID, located on the back of your member card or temporary card. For assistance with member reservations, please call the member reservation line at (212) 266-5213.

Do members have to make reservations?

Member reservations are highly recommended and can be made online or by phone prior to arrival. For public programs, members must make a reservation for themselves and their guests.

Do members have access to special guided tours offered at the Museum?

Yes. Starting at the “Member Premium” level, members have access to special guided tours for up to four people upon request. Please note all tours require advance registration subject to availability and are redeemable within a year of membership.

How do I renew my membership?

Memberships are not automatically renewed unless this preference was selected while joining online. Renewal requests will be sent to you by mail or by e-mail. You may renew online, at the Museum, or by mail.

If I lost my guest pass vouchers, can they be replaced?

Lost guest pass vouchers are not replaceable.

How do I make store purchases as a member on the website?

To make purchases and receive your 10 percent discount, please enter your Patron ID in the discount code field at checkout.

When will I begin to receive my membership benefits?

Members who join online can reserve their free admission ticket(s) to visit the Museum as soon as a membership is purchased. Enter your Patron ID from your temporary card that is emailed to you. Members will receive their member package with the remaining benefits approximately 14 business days after purchase.

How do I replace a lost membership card?

If you lose your membership card, please call the Membership Department at (212) 857-0154, or email There is a $5 replacement fee.

Are membership purchases refundable?

No. Memberships are not refundable.

Can guests of members use the express member entry and ticket window?

Additional guests may purchase tickets at the membership window and use the membership line if they are accompanied by a member. Only guests of “Benefactor Circle” members using complimentary anytime tickets may use the express member entry and ticket window without the member being present.

Can guest pass vouchers be used without the member present?

No. Guest pass vouchers may be used only if guests are accompanied by a member. However, we do offer anytime admission passes for “Benefactors Circle” members at the “Visionary” level and above. For anytime passes, a member need not be present during the time of visit. For more information about our “Benefactors Circle,” email us at