Experiencing the 9/11 Memorial, Personal to Virtual

Experiencing the 9/11 Memorial, Personal to Virtual

A Tribute WTC docent leads a guided walking tour of the 9/11 Memorial (Gary Cirlin photo; courtesy of Tribute WTC)

There are many ways to experience the 9/11 Memorial, whether taking a guided tour filled with personal 9/11 stories or choosing an individual and private visit at the national place of honor and remembrance.

Take a Guided Walking Tour
Tribute WTC Visitor Center at 120 Liberty St. offers tours of the 9/11 Memorial with guides who provide unique 9/11 perspectives.  Tribute Center’s walking tour guides are 9/11 survivors, lower Manhattan residents, recovery workers and volunteers who assisted in the recovery efforts, or family members who lost loved ones.  Tours begin at the Tribute Center and include a brief World Trade Center history, the events of the day and the aftermath of 9/11, while weaving in personal experiences of survival, loss and healing.  Each tour offers unique first-hand experiences and ends in discussion of the memorial and the rebuilding of the WTC site.  Learn more at tributewtc.org.

Make a Virtual Visit
For those interested in visiting the 9/11 Memorial but are unable to make it to New York City, the memorial’s website offers virtual experiences of the World Trade Center rebuilding.  Google Earth creates a virtual view of the WTC site, including an accurate 3D model that replicates key components of the memorial and other planned projects at the 16-acre site.  EarthCam’s webcam offers a live look at the memorial 24 hours a day. 

Have a Personal Experience
Families, small groups and individuals looking for personal experiences at the 9/11 Memorial can get free passes to visit the memorial at 911memorial.org/visit.  Groups of 16 or more can also reserve free passes through the memorial’s group reservations line.  Visitors to the memorial can use the Memorial Guide located at kiosks throughout the site or download for free the Memorial Guide app to learn more about the victims and the names arrangement.

By 9/11 Memorial staff