A Look at Tribute in Light

View of the Tribute in Light from the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Photo: Jin Lee
Hero Highway Supporters at Point Thank You. Photo courtesy of Martha Cooper.
The Firefighters Angel poster on the Last Column artifact inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Photo by Jin Lee.
Bandana that belonged to Welles Crowther, gift of the Alison and Jefferson Crowther Family. Photo by Matt Flynn.
9/11 Memorial plaza. Photo by Jin Lee.
Flower tribute at the South Pool of the 9/11 Memorial. Photo: Jin Lee.
Survivor Richard Eichen and the stranger who drove him home on September 11, 2001. Photo courtesy of Richard Eichen.
Chelsea Levine at the 9/11 Memorial. Photo: Christine Murphy.
Lady Liberty outside of the Battalion 9 firehouse in September, 2001. Photographer unknown.
The Last Column is lowered into the 9/11 Memorial Museum, August 24 2006. Photo: Amy Dreher.