Jon, Joe, and Joe Bradley Jr. at 9/11 Memorial Museum Recovery Worker Event (Photo: Jin Lee)
View of One World Trade Center from 9/11 Memorial Plaza (Photo: Jin Lee)
William Quindlan standing on top of the Last Column at Ground Zero. (Photograph by David Margules)
9/11 Memorial Plaza (Photo: Jin Lee)
Reenlistment Ceremony on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza (Photo: Jin Lee)
Steve Nevins hard hat worn during the recovery at Ground Zero (Photo: Amy Dreher)
The National 9/11 Flag in the south corridor of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. (Photo: Jin Lee)
The Victims’ Memorial Quilt. Gift of Bill Doyle on behalf of the intended 9/11 family recipients of the Victim’s Quilt, (Photo: Jin Lee).
Museum visitors participate in an art activity. (Photo: Jin Lee)
President Barack Obama speaking at the 9/11 Memorial Museum Dedication Ceremony (Photo: Jin Lee)